The Entrepreneur’s Inventory – Isolate The Issue!

Sometimes we get out of our groove. I found myself disengaged and demotivated. But why? I love my work! I am very connected to my purpose! So what gives here?

I went to my archive of tools I’ve developed for entrepreneurs that I have coached and thought, this may be helpful when you feel out of sorts.


Grab your journal, find the stillness, and ask yourself these questions…

1. What is weighing me down?
2. What opportunities are available to me?
3. What decisions am I regretting that I need to let go of?
4. What gives me the greatest sense of purpose?
5. Who do I want to be?

After you run through this inventory, I encourage you to put the pen down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and reflect on these thoughts. How much am I loved? What am I most grateful for? How can I be of service?

You and your business are a work in progress. Take the time to isolate your thoughts, and refocus on the things that matter most. Now get back in your groove, your network needs that special something that you have to offer.

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