“Edge3 focuses on providing service and support that makes our business more efficient, higher performing and a better place for our team members to work.”

– Ian Malcolm, PresidentLumency Inc.

“Our day was a huge success and I attribute a lot of that to David’s passion and enthusiasm in his opening keynote. Dave’s ability to engage a large audience and to motivate each and every person to get excited about taking charge of their personal experience set the tone for an excellent event. If you want your group to get truly involved and inspired I would highly recommend that you invite Dave to speak!”

– Dr. Patti Reed, Manager, Central Behavioural Supports Ontario   

“David has an energy that immediately engages people. What could be had work is made fun by EDGE3. EDGE3 uses nature as a way to inspire reflection, creativity and growth.  David’s collaborative approach helped us to develop and embed within our organization a legacy statement that aligns our employees with our values.”

– Alison BraithwaiteFormer VP Environmental Performance, Walker Industries

David Graham and EDGE3 provided us with a team building retreat that far exceeded expectations – and we had high ones.  There was a tangible difference in communications & energy just a day focusing on ourselves working & playing together as a team under David’s guidance brought to us.

– Brent Kobayashi, President, Kobayashi Online

“Great people are very hard to find…those that combine passion for their vocation with an innate brilliance that lets them see the best path forward, all within a work ethic that is defined by the adage; if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. David Graham is one of those rare and remarkable people. The thing that really elevates Dave beyond all of these already remarkable people, however, is his grace and kindness as a person. Whether you are client, a colleague or someone passing in the hall, you can’t avoid this personal force field of positive energy. My admiration for this man is unqualified and complete.”

– David W Sharpe, Partner, 6degrees Integrated Communications

“Working with Dave everyday for 6 years was truly a fantastic experience.  His devotion to superior client service, combined with exceptional leadership, development & training of our ambassador network, helped elevate BOOM! Marketing to an industry leading experiential marketing agency.  In the field and at events, you could always count on Dave to bring the vision to life with his make it happen determination, ensuring each and every event generated excitement for all consumers alike.”

– Linsey Ferguson, Sr. Group Account Director, BOOM! Marketing

“David is an excellent coach. He actively listens, and asks you the right questions so that you arrive at the decision or unlock the answers that were inside you all the time.  Through his natural gifts and professional training, David helps people hear that voice we all have inside ourselves, and empowers & motivates us to listen!”

– Devon Domanski, Marketing & Communications Specialist

“When David and I work together, I know that I will get the best service, the highest quality outcomes, and have a great time along the way. He is dedicated and energetic, efficient and creative and finds a solution to any problem thrown his way. If you need help bringing an idea to life, executing an event or delivering against a deadline, David is the guy you want to be partnered with. ”

– Carolyn Solby, Director, Marketing and Communications, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities