Edge One: Train

  • Fun, Impactful & Interactive Training for Front Line Staff, Focusing on Teamwork, Customer Service and Company Culture
  • The goal is to engage, educate and excite staff so that they are able to define, understand and embrace company standards.
  • Designed for new employees and the front line

Available Workshops:

ENGAGE: “Getting to Know You” – Onboarding  new players and introducing them to the
company culture

EDUCATE:  “Customer Service Excellence” – Understanding  your customer inside and out

EXCITE: “Brand Training” – Defining and thoroughly understanding the brand and products


“EDGE3 uses nature as a way to inspire reflection, creativity and growth.  David’s collaborative approach helped us to develop and embed within our organization a legacy statement that aligns our employees with our values.

– Alison Braithwaite, Former VP Environmental Performance, Walker Industries