Edge Three: Inspire

  • Empowering Team Building Workshops, Company Offsites and Executive Coaching to enrich all levels of staff
  • Your people are your most valuable commodity and it is critical that they feel valued. Enrich their lives, empower them to make brave choices and energize them to be top performers.

Available Workshops:

ENRICH: “Teamwork in Action” – Players get to know each other through Team Building Workshops, Off-Sites & Professional Development

EMPOWER: “Working Fearlessly” – Each team member is coached to discover their own powerful purpose within the organization

ENERGIZE: “It’s All About Me!” – One on one coaching to explore individual goals.


“EDGE3 focuses on providing service and support that makes our business more efficient, higher performing and a better place for our team members to work.”

– Ian Malcolm, PresidentLumency Inc.