Company Retreats: Fruitful or Frivolous?

As an executive coach who plans company retreats, its hard to be objective, however, I understand a leader’s reluctance in hanging the “closed” sign on the door, and hauling an already overworked team to a pricy out of town venue.  Sounds frivolous right? First of all, a retreat need not be exotic or overpriced to be effective.  There are spectacular venues close to most major Canadian cities and your coach should always have your budget in mind. Secondly, consider shifting…

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In a world of tighter deadlines, greater expectations, and the constant pressure to increase profit, how does a leader keep their team engaged while still keeping the company out of the red? There has been plenty of dialogue on what makes for an ideal leader in 2012, but here are some of the most actionable items that will give your business an edge. Develop A Solid Onboarding Process:  Good training starts from the moment an employee steps off the elevator…

Business Building, Coaching Tips, Leadership Insights