Asanas On Autopilot

Asanas On Autopilot by Devon Domanski. In my last blog I talked about starting the first section of my yoga teacher training. With each module, my peers and I are encouraged to take deeper dives into our learning, our practice, and ourselves, and it’s funny how an 8-day intensive is enough time to have some really profound stuff go down. This last module was an emotional roller coaster – navigating through highs, lows, thrills & uncertainty – but I walked…

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Taking the Leap into Lotus

Taking the Leap into Lotus by Devon Domanski. Earlier this month, I started the first of three Yoga Teacher Training modules which will prepare and certify me as a yoga instructor.  It’s an endeavour that’s eliciting excitement and apprehension; confidence and humility; growth and acceptance – a journey I’m grateful to be taking with 17 new friends and 3 very inspiring instructors. My intro to yoga was 19 years ago. I had a high school PhysEd assignment where students had…

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The Compassionate Inner Voice

  It was surprisingly cool for a summer morning in Toronto as I made my way to the edge of the pier with about a hundred other triathletes. We had heard it was going to be a chilly swim, but it wasn’t until I dipped my toe that I realized my wet suit wouldn’t shut out that kind of cold. There’s really no way to prepare for the uncertainty at the start of a triathlon. It’s controlled chaos much like…

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Meditating the Mind Awake

Meditating the Mind Awake by Devon Domanski. I used to say, “I do my best work when I’m feeling stressed.” Now I read that sentence aloud and think, “Really? Who says that?” To imply that one needs added pressure to function is like saying, “In order to get this project done, I’m going to need some additional hurdles.” I suppose this was my response to feeling stress, and anxiety; labelling it so it sounded like a productivity tool. In the…

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Inspired Spaces

Inspired Spaces by Devon Domanski. When Dave and I first talked about working together, we were at Evergreen Brickworks ( for Saturday market. We hiked one of the trails, sat atop a ravine, and were taken with the setting; something so organic in the middle of a great urban city. We were impressed with the creative use of indoor/outdoor space, and overwhelming sense of community.  And the true pièce de résistance? The PASSION the owners had for their businesses.  It…

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Have you ever been in a situation, where things don’t go exactly as you planned? Meticulous planning is one thing, but the mark of a true professional is how you REACT in that very moment. Sometimes you need to roll with the punches and ultimately, things tend to work out. Michael Caine once said, “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” As a Trip Director, situations come up and I have learned…

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“…Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools…” I’ve always loved this line from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, IF. A framed copy of the poem hung in my nursery as a child, and it remains my own personal manual for how to live a life. I was able to put the above words into practice a year ago. Like many people, I was hit very hard by the Great Recession. In…

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TriAdventure 2012

It all started back in the winter of 2011, when I decided that I needed a good physical challenge, and a friend told me about theTriAdventure: a challenge to conquer a 3 km swim, 15 km run, 15 km canoe and 140 km bike over a weekend in August. It sounded like an arduous feat, but when I discovered more about this awesome charity, I was pumped! Since then, I have been competing in triathlons and my life has never been…

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Turbulent Times

    “Turbulent weather creates incredible beauty in nature. Perhaps we can say the same of the human experience.” – David Graham

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Be Still And Listen

“Be still and listen [to yourself]” Iyanla Vanzent said over and over again to the 8,500 life seekers at Oprah’s Lifeclass on Monday night – David and I included. Those words went from my brain straight to my heart. This afternoon, I went to the library [as I do every Saturday] and grabbed Annie Leibowvitz’s Pilgrimage, a coffee table book of photographs that she took of landscapes and rooms because she recognized that she was seeing the world and various…

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