• The Ultimate YOU @ SEA!

    Date: November 30 - December 7, 2019

    Location: Western Caribbean


    Eddie Diaz and David Graham bring their experience in events, travel and coaching together for a spectacular self-discovery journey at sea.

    For 7 days, you will be immersed in luxury accommodations, fabulous food, self-discovery and goal setting workshops along with thought provoking nature adventures.

    You will leave with a clear path forward, a renewed sense of self-worth and memories that will last a lifetime.

    To live your best life, we provide you with an opportunity to reflect on what you are grateful for, challenge you to visualize your ideal future and craft an action plan for your best year yet. We will help you to tune in and align with your inner compass while immersing you in beautiful experiences with other like-minded people.


    Our package includes:

    • Luxury accommodation and gourmet food
    • An exclusive Ultimate YOU bon voyage party
    • Daily yoga, meditation or mindfulness sessions to power your day
    • 4 Self Discovery Workshops with our professional award-winning coaches
      1. Foundations for Happiness
      2. Pivotal Moments
      3. Visioning my Best Life
      4. Goal Setting & Action Planning
    • Guided Nature Hikes and Outdoor Adventure
    • Mexican Fiesta Party (Ole!)
    • Letting go Ceremony (What do you need to let go of in order to move forward?)
    • Our Signature Ultimate YOU Journal (to capture your thoughts and memories)
    • A Custom Event Shirt (to make your friends wish they could have been here too)
    • Being surrounded by other like-minded fabulous people to learn from
    • Plus, all of the activities and amenities that the cruise line offers


    SATURDAY – Ft. Lauderdale

    • Welcome Aboard – See you on the gangway!
    • Bon Voyage Party – Get to know your fellow guests
    • Intention Setting Ceremony – What will make this the trip of a lifetime?

    SUNDAY – Key West

    • Mind Body Spirit – Outdoor morning mindfulness before going ashore
    • Walking Tour – Eddie/Dave lead a brisk walk around town to set your bearings
    • Sail Away Cocktails – Join the group as sail away from the Keys

    MONDAY – At Sea

    • Yoga & Mindfulness – Join us on deck for a peaceful start to the day
    • Workshop #1 – “Foundations for Happiness”
    • Workshop #2 – “Pivotal Moments”
    • Captain’s Cocktail Party – let’s get dressed up and wine and dine

    TUESDAY – Costa Maya

    • Awakening with Purpose – Bring your deepest presence to the day
    • Nature Tour – Optional opportunity led by Eddie/Dave

    WEDNESDAY – Cozumel

    • FREE DAY – A day to explore Cozumel on your own – we’re here if you need us!
    • Mexican Fiesta – Join us back on board for an exclusive Ultimate YOU party

    THURSDAY – Grand Cayman

    • Magnificent Morning – Awaken to tropical sunshine and set a powerful intention for the day
    • Outdoor Adventure – What’s your bliss? We’ll get you there.
    • End of Day Zen Out – Share the experience of your day over a cup of tea and great company
    • Late Night Letting Go Ceremony – What do you need to let go of to move forward?

    FRIDAY – At Sea

    • Yoga & Mindfulness – Join us on deck for a peaceful start to the day
    • Workshop #3 – “Framing Your Perspective” – Visioning your ideal future
    • Workshop #4 – “Action Planning” – What are you committing to moving forward?
    • Ultimate YOU Celebration – Let’s celebrate what we’ve achieved together!

    SATURDAY – Ft. Lauderdale

    • A Fond Farewell to our Ultimate YOU Guests.


  • The Leadership Retreat

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    Location: Muskoka, Ontario


    Strip away the familiarity of your work setting and plug into the power of nature!

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    ALL INCLUSIVE: from $649


    Luxurious Accommodations, Gourmet Food, All Workshops, Outdoor Activities & Champagne Sunset Cruise

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    Date: September 14-16, 2018

    Location: Muskoka, Ontario

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    Clear the noise and let nature be your inspiration. Reset your inner compass and move forward feeling empowered and reconnected to YOU!


    Luxurious Accommodations, Gourmet Food, All Workshops, Outdoor Activities & Champagne Sunset Cruise.

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