Sharon Pitawanakwat

Sharon Pitawanakwat
Sharon Pitawanakwat Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Sharon Pitawanakwat can be described as a courageous, innovative, collaborative, and inspiring leader and coach. She brings a broad perspective to her role as a coach, facilitator and consultant from her 30+ years of serving in progressively senior leadership positions in a variety of not for profit settings.

Sharon’s passion is the creation of inspired, self-aware and fulfilled leaders who are committed to creating happy, engaged and inspiring workforces.

Sharon is a graduate of the Executive Coaching and Group and Team Coaching programs of Royal Roads University. She is certified in three coaching methodologies and is a trainer of the Three Vital Questions and Coaching out of the Box platforms.

Sharon’s deeper contemplative and spiritual connection flourishes when she is close to a body of water. She is reminded of the powerful medicine that this element carries and its sacred ability to heal us in mind body and soul.