So many ideas… start with the first!

David Graham April 29, 2017

Business Building, Coaching Tips

Recently I went to a marketing conference, “The Art of Marketing” and I left with a plethora of ideas. Growing the business, reaching out, connecting with our network, marketing our services. It ALL seems so overwhelming (exciting?!) at times. My journal’s bursting with a whack of ideas.

“Where do I start?” I tweeted of the keynote speakers (our collective favourite of the day!) and he replied, “…with the first one.” Clever response I thought.

How do I make a greater impact? How do I create a legacy? How do I grow a business I love? All great questions and things that I explore with our EDGE3 Team every day.

I find I ask MYSELF one simple question that gives me the most forward momentum… “What’s one small step that you can take right now?” That is the approach that I have started taking with all of my own goals. “What is that one thing that needs to be done today to make the day worthwhile?”

Sometimes it’s building a killer proposal or finishing a presentation. Other times it’s getting to a yoga class, renewing my passport, or sharing time with my mom.

Innately we know what that one thing is…

We just need to leave some silence to hear it loud and clear. Tackle “THAT ONE THING” first!

The rest of the to do list will still be there and you’ll still get that adrenaline rush of crossing things off the list. But by overwhelming our brain first thing in the morning we can create chaos right out of the gate. Shut ourselves down rather than opening ourselves up to a day that is full of possibility.

In this way, we trick our brain into thinking that it is possible rather than shutting it down all together.

So do I still have a whack of ideas? Absolutely! But I agree, and think I’ll take your advice, Ron Tite.

I think I’ll start… with the first one.

David Graham

Dave coaches good leaders who want to be great leaders and he works with leaders to build high performing, super-focused teams. For transformational experiences, he takes teams out of the boardroom and into nature.