Be Still And Listen

April 24, 2012

Inspiration From Nature, Leadership Insights

“Be still and listen [to yourself]” Iyanla Vanzent said over and over again to the 8,500 life seekers at Oprah’s Lifeclass on Monday night – David and I included. Those words went from my brain straight to my heart. This afternoon, I went to the library [as I do every Saturday] and grabbed Annie Leibowvitz’s Pilgrimage, a coffee table book of photographs that she took of landscapes and rooms because she recognized that she was seeing the world and various types of rooms AGAIN through the eyes of her children. The very first picture is of Robert Frost’s handwritten poem “Stopping by the Woods” wherein the first line reads “My little horse must think it queer to stop without a farm house near”. See, even Robert Frost is telling me to be still and listen. Oprah says “when our insides match our outsides we will have true balance and peace’. Take the time today, just a few minutes to stop, be still and listen. What are you telling you to do? Then, do it.

– Stacey Richards, EDGE 3 Contributor