Curiosity is Key

Curiosity is Key by Megan Cosgrove.  Back to school seems to be on everyone’s mind. My favourite part of this time of year is that the questions I get from my daughter after school return.  Last June, my favourite was a follow-up to a lesson on how dinosaurs went extinct.  She sat in the back of the car driving home, telling me all about the classroom lesson.  Her five-year-old self was silent for a few minutes, and then she asked, “Mom,…

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Coaching for Leaders

I find it inspiring when a leader steps out the boardroom to ask some brave, bold questions. How can I be a better leader? How can I serve the team more effectively? How can I bring out the best in others? And when confronted with those questions I say, “Hell ya, let’s dig in!” This past week, the EDGE3 Team spent a glorious day at Gairloch Gardens in Oakville with a variety of leaders for our “Coaching For Leaders” program.…

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EDGE3 Book Club – High Performing Habits

Got a High Performing Team? Here’s a great book to elevate their game. As part of the leadership development package that we offer our clients we design workshops using the best personal development books on the market. It gives teams great new skills and it serves as a bonding experience to create greater team cohesion. A team that learns together, grows together The latest book that we have shared with our clients is High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard, who…

Leadership Insights, Self-Improvement