The Power of a Pause

I am often reminded of the power of taking a few moments to simply stop and breathe. Recently, I completed a 21-day meditation challenge. Every day for 3 weeks, I woke up, fed the cats, put the coffee on and then sat in silence for 20 minutes. I was amazed at what it did for my patience, my creativity and the level of intention that I brought to my work. It also gave me a keen awareness of when I…

Business Building, Coaching Tips, Inspiration From Nature, Self-Improvement

Giving Yourself the Space to Grow

We love nature. I mean LOVE nature. Have you heard that already? Well, it’s because it’s true! Whether it’s a walking meeting around the block, a park bench coaching session, a hike while brainstorming, or an island retreat in Muskoka, we LOVE trying to activate an element of the outdoors. That’s why we’re always so excited to hit Muskoka each year for a series of Fall retreats, to spend time transforming in such a beautiful space, during such a transformational…

Coaching Tips, Inspiration From Nature, Self-Improvement