It Takes a Team

David Graham August 16, 2022

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An Adventure Inspired by Love

I adore my niece Nicole. She is a 20-year-old university student and talented singer, but this has been a tough year for her. She has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) which is a fatal disease that affects her lungs and digestive system. Health complications and chronic pain have been an ongoing battle.

I often feel helpless. Lately I’ve been asking myself, what can I do? Then I had an idea.

I’ve been blessed with the gift of energy, so I’ve decided to cycle, swim, and run from my house in Muskoka to Nicole’s house in Aurora – door to door. I’ve invited friends and family who will cycle, paddle run or walk along the route.

This is about raising money, but it’s also about connecting people. I can only imagine the absolute joy as we unite in one big outdoor adventure inspired by love.

The distance is feeling a bit daunting, so I am being patient with my 57-year body. With every pedal, stroke and stride I think of the many physicians, scientists, friends, and family who support Nicole – it truly takes a team.

You can support “Team Nicole” by:

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  3. Offering words of encouragement!

Your support means the world to me!


David Graham

Dave coaches good leaders who want to be great leaders and he works with leaders to build high performing, super-focused teams. For transformational experiences, he takes teams out of the boardroom and into nature.