I wish you peace

It was a day of back-to-back meetings and now we were on the road to our favourite downtown restaurant. I was feeling exhausted, but exhilarated by the day’s events, somehow fueled by the intensity of it all.

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How Gritty Are You?

The thing I love most about my work is helping companies build culture. When team members feel connected to the business on an emotional level, they are more likely to rise to the occasion when things get tough….

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Surrender to the Moment: October 2019

I scurried around Cherry Island in final preparation for our September retreat. We had a full complement of guests arriving with a sunset cruise and a camp fire planned for the evening. There was a slight sprinkling of rain as I looked to the gray skies with fingers crossed. And then the skies opened up…

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News Release

  NEWS RELEASE October 2, 2019 Searchlight Partners are delighted to announce the expansion of their Leadership development and consulting practice in collaboration with David Graham & EDGE3.  Through this partnership,…

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Adventure Awaits!: August 2019

When I was kid we would go on long summer vacations. The whole family would pile into our wood-paneled station wagon and we would head south. Before we hit the highway, my Dad would remind us that we were going on an adventure.

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The Ultimate You: June 2019

I am often surprised when I am coaching a leader who tells me that they need to work on their confidence. This is not something that they typically share with their team, but a confidential coaching session provides a safe space to explore those emotions. 

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Sending you positive ripples: January 2019

We’ve heard that when a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in the world it can cause a tornado on the opposite side of the planet. On a smaller scale, it’s amazing to me to see how ripples grow across the lake and build momentum when I simply drop a pebble into the water.

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